Jeffrey​ F. Paulsen​ has over thirty years of ex​​​​​​​​​perience as a global business attorney, large law firm partner and owner of his own consulting and law firm businesses.  He has provided creative solu​​​tions for a wide variety of legal issues faced by business owners and individuals.  Mr. Paulsen served as Vice President and General Counsel of a global operating division of a world renowned Fortune 500 multinational manufacturer, distributor and retailer and as Corporate Counsel for a U.K. based FTSE 100 company.  Mr. Paulsen has also served as a business services partner of a large AMLAW 200 national law firm. 


Using his unique business, global and legal experiences, Mr. Paulsen now provides his specialized legal services to mid-market businesses and individuals who are looking for local legal assistance or global legal solutions. Mr. Paulsen is also often asked to be speak and write about legal issues and creative business solutions, and to share his perspectives and opinions on business, legal industry issues, how the legal industry is changing, and about alternative and improved methods for clients to obtain high quality cost effective solutions for their business and legal issues.


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