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Bus​iness Law. Contracts. Corporate. M&A.

Employment. Real Estate. Trademarks. Transactions.

 International. ​Brazil. China. ​Europe. Mexico.

Strategic Legal. General Counsel.

Paulsen Law Firm provides a full range of business law services to individuals and business clients with both U.S. and international legal needs. We focus on quality, cost control and timeliness. In this way, we help our clients accomplish their business objectives.

We provide strategic and tactical counseling to clients and handle legal issues on a wide variety of legal matters related to business operations, such as:

Bus​iness​ and Corporate Law

Contracts and Transactions:

       - Acquisitions and Divestitures of businesses.

       - Drafting, review, and negotiation of manufacturing, supplier, distributor, agency and other business critical agreements.

       - Drafting, review, and negotiation of license agreements

  • - Establish ​corporations-articles, by-laws, shareholder agreements; Establish limited liability companies-articles, operating agreements and documentation​

Employment Law Services:​

  • - Drafting and review of employment policies and procedures
  • - Drafting, review and negotiation of non compete agreements
  • - Drafting, review and negotiation of separation agreements
  • - Training regarding Equal Employment and Anti-Harassment issues

Intellectual Property and Trademarks:

  • - Filing of trademark applications
  • - Review and resolution of contested trademark issues
  • - Review and management of intellectual property portfolios

Pre-Litigation and Litigation Management:

  • - Resolution of business disputes prior to litigation
  • - Management of litigation counsel in litigation

Real Estate:

  • - Purchases and Sales of commercial properties
  • - Leases, Assignments and Easements involving commercial properties
  • - Resolution of property related disputes and issues​

Bus​iness​ and International Law

International Transactions and Issues:​

  •   Inbound-cultural sensitivity in working with foreign nationals seeking to establish U.S. based operations and ongoing legal counseling and legal transactional needs

  •   Outbound-establishment of companies and operations in international markets

  •  Specific Country-transactional needs of clients with business operations in Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea and Mexico

  •  China Law-background and experience to understand the Chinese business environment, the Chinese culture and the Chinese government structure. Advice on the following specific issues:
    • - Review of foreign investment operating and investment structures
    • - Regulatory filings
    • - Establishing and operating your business in China
    • - Exit strategies
    • - Selling products in China
    • - Sourcing products from China

Strategic​ Legal and General Counsel Services

Counseling Services:

  • - Analyze your use of outside counsel and their bills and billing rates
  • - Analyze your internal legal function from an operations and cost standpoint
  • - Compare your legal costs to industry and other relevant benchmarks
  • - Legal Advisory related to legal department operations
  • - Legal Advisory related to legal strategic initiatives
  • - Legal Advisory related to legal cost reduction programs

Interim and Contract General or Business Counsel Services:

  • - Temporary or Contract handling of company general counsel or business legal services on ​a reduced fee or monthly retainer basis

Legal Project Services:

  • - Temporary or Contract handling and assistance with legal projects​ for multi-national, l​arge or medium size enterprises

  • Paulsen Law Firm provides "extraordinary solutions for diverse challenges"T​M​