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Case Studies-Recent Examples​


*Advice and Counsel and agreement drafting and negotiation of referral and sales representation agreements for U.S. automotive manufacturers' representative

*Advice and Counsel and agreement drafting and negotiation related to factoring, financing and subordination agreements for German automotive supplier

*Drafting and Negotiation of distributor, purchasing, sales representation and sourcing agreements for U.S. sport related start-up for use in both domestic and international markets 

*Drafting of confidentiality, contract manufacturing, and license agreement for U.S. automotive supplier for operations in China

*Drafting of confidentiality, exclusivity and letter of intent agreements for energy company for use in Caribbean and Latin America

*Drafting of confidentiality, contract manufacturing, business development, distribution, lease, non-compete, sales representation, services and sourcing agreements for automotive supplier for use in Mexico

*Drafting and Negotiation of Software Development contracts in the Automotive Industry

*Drafting and Negotiation of Software Development contracts in the on-line Gaming Industry

Contract/Project Legal Services

*Fortune 50 company-project counsel on health care exchange and health care related contracts

*Start-up company-contract general counsel advice and counsel for software company

*General Counsel Services to small and mid-sized organizations 

Corporate Governance

*Creation of articles, by-laws, resolutions and shareholder agreements for multiple corporate start-ups

*Creation of articles and operating agreements for multiple limited liability start-ups

*Review, modification and re-creation of consents, resolutions and shareholder agreements for existing corporations

*Review, modification and re-creation of consents, resolutions and operating agreements for existing limited liability companies

*Restoration of Limited Liability Companies

*Review, advice and counsel regarding stock options and subscription agreements

Employment & Labor

*Employer-Advice and counsel and negotiation of Reduction in Work Force and separation packages for multiple executives

*Employee-Advice and counsel and negotiation of separation packages for multiple executives

*Advice and counsel related to physician employment contract

*Drafting and negotiation of non-disclosures, confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements for multiple start-up and existing companies in multiple industries

*Preparation of employment handbook, policies and procedures for mid-market IT company and mid-market import/export company with operations in Taiwan

*Investigations into Work Place Harassment Issues, including sexual harassment

Real Estate Advice and Transactions

*Land Sales and Purchases

*Commercial and Residential Property Leases​

Pre-Litigation Settlements

*Contruction related Post Arbitration settlement

*Age and Disability Discrimination Claims

*Age Discrimination claims as a result of Separation Agreement

*Real Estate Lease Issues and Damage claims

*Resolve $500,000 plus malpractice claim for client against law firm

*Resolve claims for breach of non-compete in favor of manufacturers' representative


*Applications filed in United States and international countries, including China, Germany and Mexico

*Trademark infringement claims-settled before litigation

Joint Ventures and M&A Transactions-Global Examples

 North America

*Acquisition and Divestiture of multiple product manufacturing and parts and supplies businesses ($10MM-$100MM in value)

*Acquisition and Divestiture of multiple retail operating businesses ($1MM-$20MM in value)

*Legal negotiation and documentation of multiple agency, distributor, licensing, supplier, and other business critical operation agreements​

*Acquisition of laundromat

*Purchase of industrial oil and lubricants business

*Sale of franchised chain of hair salons

*Sale of franchised cleaning service business

*Divestiture of manufacturing and plant operations

*Joint Venture of Turkish company in leisure/recreation industry


*Legal negotiation and documentation of four joint ventures in China ($5MM-$25MM in value)

*Established wholly foreign owned enterprises (WFOE's) in China

*Legal negotiation and documentation of joint venture in Korea

*Legal negotiation and documentation of joint venture in Thailand

*Legal negotiation and documentation of multiple agency, contract manufacturing, distributor, supplier and other business critical operation agreements in China and Japan​


*Acquisition of U.K. and European based brands and production facilities.​​​ ​

*Legal negotiation and documentation of distributor, supplier and other operating agreements related to manufacturing and retail businesses in Germany

*Legal negotiation and documentation related to purchase of land,  construction of manufacturing plant, and other business operation agreements related to manufacturing business in Hungary

*Legal negotiation and documentation of agency, distributor, and supplier agreements in various European countries.​​

*Sale of oils and lubricants in Russia

Mexico/Latin/South America​

*Legal negotiation and documentation of joint ventures in Brazil and Mexico

*Legal drafting and negotiation related to divestiture of Brazil and Mexico retail operations

*Establishment of legal entity and contracts to set up operations in Mexico